Plan Open living space with Karan Aakriti Interior Design

Posted on March 1st, 2021 02:15 PM
Plan Open living space with Karan Aakriti Interior Design

What do you think about the open plan living space idea?

 Karan Aakriti Interior Design can help you with ideas of open-plan spaces between the living room and kitchen. How smartly you can use the space, what are the smart furniture you can use to make it more classy and comfy?

 If you have a small apartment or compact space, then you must go with the open living space. It will surely provide you a great amount of flexibility in a social gathering. By increasing the partition space or by removing the interior wall, we can give a better look to the living room. It can also allow direct light in your kitchen and living room, even remove the dark corners.

 What tips you can follow to manage your open living room space?

In three manner you can design your living space by using a great designing technique. With the perfect floor or ceiling light, you can give a pleasant ambient look. Table and floor lamp can give a striking look to your space. Do not forget to use smooth and tangible floor material, it can also play as an add-on to your living space. Wall art or frames can go the extra mile. But while choosing the wall art or frame, always remember the space, do not make it spacious or compact. These things can give something a new lease of life to your living space.

 How you should arrange your feature furniture in your living room space?

While placing the furniture in your living space, remember the space and ceiling height. Arrangements differ from within a smaller space to a larger one. Avoid keeping larger center furniture, it may choke the way and view between the rooms. In your open living room, furniture should justify your space.

 How would we recommend the style and interior design for living room space?

Its all depends on clients requirement, we always have the options for small and larger space. However, we always try to give a new look to their space that is compiled with budget and requirements. 

 What things can add jam to living room space?

Specific interest and theme-based accessories can be added to make it more likely. Like, small corner furniture, frames, wall art, and cushions. The interior always makes sense when it gets paired with space. 

 Three fundamental factors need to keep in mind while designing your open living space. Those are Furniture, Lights, and Decor.

 Furniture is the first focal point that influenced everyone. Keep it simple and scalable to your open space. To give a pleasant and warm look, floor or ceiling lights are more important. Avoid making it too bright and do not such a combination that diverge with your whole interior.

 For excellent guidance, you can reach us. and make your inner part of your home embellish in a real bargain. With great experience, we are serving in Interior Designing and Furnishing. We work with modern techniques, reuse the material, and deliver the aesthetic look.



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