How to select right color textures for your home

Posted on March 15th, 2021 12:15 PM
How to select right color textures for your home

We all have our own choices in color, and every color has its uniqueness. And it's more important when we talk about the color texture for decorating your home. On this colorful Holi festival, here we have come with new ideas and content for the color texture for your home, that will suit your personality, lifestyle, and home interior.


In color textures, it is segregated into three formats, are primary, secondary, and mixtures.


In Primary, it includes red, blue, and yellow. These colors are created. In secondary, you can see the combination of two primary colors. Like red and yellow creates orange shads. Similarly, in a mixture, it has a combination of primary and secondary colors. That gives a vibrant and soothing look.


If we talk about modern interior designs then there are several themes. That is based on a specific pattern, texture combination, color theme, etc. Usually, people go with four types of color themes, which are Monochromatic, Analogous, Contrast, and Complementary.


If you have already done with choosing the furniture, carpets, rugs, then you can move on to a color palette for your home. And definitely, you would like to do compiled the colors with your furnishings and home decor.


What things need to consider?

While choosing the color texture, you can go with a contrasting theme. That the dark wall can link with light color shades wall. You can also use bright colors will make your room more brighter and attractive. 


What color tone will suit your wall?

Before finalizing any color tone you should test the color tone. Color swatches are the best way to decide what tone and shades will go with your home decor and then go for it. You can always paint a sample area and compare it with other rooms, then you can see the difference and will get the idea of either it complements your decor or not.


The lightning effect can make or break your complete surroundings. Because light reflects or may be deflected the color, The duration of light changes the whole day. Due to this, the color looks ore brighter in daylight. The different lighting can change the look of color as well. Keep in mind, don't use the light that hides the actual color shades and disturbs the appearance.


When you start painting and you have downstairs and upstairs separately, then need to color them as well. Like, separate them will color tone, textures, hue also. It will look more vibrantly and gives different look. You can also experiment with color combinations and can define themes on both entities.


For the living room, you can go with texture coloring, pastel shades too. This area deals first for any comer. Make it soothing and eye-catching. If you have a storeroom within your kitchen then you can give both the same color with slightly different tones. When we talk about the study room, always give it light shades. There is not necessary to go with contrast in the study room. But you can try contrast in your bedroom to make it more appealing, also can use vibrant and bright colors.


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